Driving Manners – Unwritten Rules of the Road

Whether they’re driving kids to practice, going to work or running errands, many people spend a significant amount of time in their cars. Practicing good driving manners can help make the journey safer and more pleasant for everyone.


Whether they’re driving kids to practice, going to work or running errands, many people spend a significant amount of time in their cars. Practicing good driving manners can help make the journey safer and more pleasant for everyone.


For example, honking incessantly will only irritate other drivers. Instead, use light beeps to acknowledge other drivers, such as when they let you merge or pass.

Keep to the right

There are plenty of rules that you need to memorize for your driver’s license test, but there are also a few simple driving manners that can make the road less stressful and more enjoyable. Keep in mind these unwritten rules of the road to stay safe and get along with other drivers.

Keeping to the right is especially important when you’re on a highway. This allows cars that are going faster to pass slower vehicles and prevents them from causing traffic jams. It also gives drivers time to stop if they see an obstacle on the side of the road ahead.

Don’t pass in the left lane

In 29 states, driving in the left lane when you aren’t passing is against the law. Slow drivers who hang out in the left lane create roadblocks for cars behind them, and their behavior can contribute to traffic jams.

The problem is that some of these drivers believe they’re practicing instant karma by staying in the left lane, when in reality they are breaking the law and putting everyone else on the road at risk. Move over when you can. This simple driving courtesy will make the road safer for everybody.

Don’t run red lights인천운전연수

Many car accidents that occur in the United States each year are caused by drivers who rush through red lights. This is a serious violation of driving etiquette, and can lead to severe injuries or even death.

A common excuse for running a red light is that a driver is in a hurry and needs to get somewhere quickly. This type of thinking puts other drivers at risk, however, and should be avoided. It can also be very dangerous for pedestrians or bicyclists. This is especially true in areas with heavy traffic flow.

Don’t tailgate

Tailgating can be extremely dangerous. Being too close to the vehicle in front limits visibility, reduces the time you have to react to hazards and makes collisions almost inevitable if the driver behind you must brake suddenly.

Don’t respond to a tailgating driver with aggression – this will only escalate the situation. Instead, calmly signal and move into the adjacent lane, making sure there is a safe distance between vehicles.

Don’t slam on your brakes

There are a lot of laws that you need to know when driving. But there are also a lot of unwritten rules that can help you be safe and courteous to other drivers.

Slamming on the brakes can damage your car and cause accidents. It can also be dangerous for pedestrians and other drivers.

If you need to change lanes, do it slowly. This will keep cars behind you from having to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting your vehicle. Be polite and let other vehicles merge in front of you as well.

Don’t honk your horn

Honking makes traffic jams more unbearable for everyone and doesn’t magically speed things up. It may also upset other drivers and encourage them to make more mistakes.

In general, honking is only appropriate in emergencies or to warn other road users of your presence. Otherwise, it is a sign of rudeness and could spark road rage. It’s also illegal in some cities during certain hours. Be sure to check your local laws before honking.

Don’t yell at other drivers

While it may be tempting to get angry when another driver cuts you off, aggression behind the wheel is dangerous for everyone. In fact, road rage is the cause of 56 percent of fatal car crashes.

Rather than reacting negatively to an aggressive driver, try giving them a polite gesture. For example, if a motorist lets you merge into traffic, give them a wave and a friendly word of thanks. It’s a simple way to show respect and keep all drivers safe. Getting a refresher course on driving etiquette could make you safer behind the wheel.

Don’t speed

Whether or not it’s against the law in your state, weaving in and out of traffic and speeding can be dangerous to everyone on the road. You should always aim to drive within the speed limit and be safe behind the wheel.

Tailgating is rude and annoying to other drivers. It can also cause unsafe driving conditions if they speed up to pass you and become a distraction. To avoid this, be courteous and use your turn signal when changing lanes. It can save you from a ticket and make the roads safer for all.

Don’t drive drunk

When you’re driving, you need to focus all of your attention on the road. That means you should refrain from eating, drinking, putting on makeup or using your iPod while driving. Even passengers should be careful about bringing friends who have been drinking in the car as they could be distracting to the driver and unsafe for everyone on the road. If you know someone is drunk, suggest they take a cab or ask them to ride with someone else.

Don’t park illegally

You may know the road rules that’ll get you a ticket, but don’t forget about the unwritten driving etiquette. Brushing up on these unbreakable rules of civility can make the road a more pleasant place for all.

Parking illegally can cause a lot of problems for other drivers on the road. It can block emergency vehicles from getting through or disrupt traffic flow. Additionally, it can be annoying for people trying to find a space. It’s best to avoid parking illegally at all costs.