Curtain Rods and Finials

Curtain rod finials are not only beautiful, they add a decorative element to your drapery. They also prevent curtain rings from falling off the rod.


They are screwed into the ends of your rod and come in different styles and finishes to coordinate with your décor. They are not to be confused with end caps, which are smaller and simpler, for rooms that require a sleek appearance or커튼봉설치 when regular finials don’t fit.

Wooden Rods and Finials

Decorative end pieces that screw into the ends of drapery rods, finials come in a wide variety of styles and materials. They complete the look of a rod and give it an ornamental element that makes it stand out in any room. They also serve a functional purpose by keeping the curtain rod from sliding off the ends of the pole.

While most curtain rod finials are bold and decorative, some simple finial plugs have an understated charm that blends well with many decors. Metal finials, for instance, are sleek and flat, making them a popular choice for contemporary aesthetics. Wood finials, on the other hand, can be finished with a coat of polish or wood stain to enhance their appearance.

At Drapery Rods Direct, we offer a wide selection of finial plugs and ends for all our hardware collections. Choose from wood, metal and glass to find the perfect accessory for your rods. We even have black finials to provide a sophisticated finish to your windows. Shop our collection today to find the perfect match for your home.

Whitewood Rods and Finials

If you prefer a more traditional look, shop for finials and rods in white. You’ll find a wide array of sizes, styles and finishes in this collection from Kirsch Wood Trends. These designs can help create a more modern look, or complement other wooden home furnishings.

Some rod and finial options offer more detail and are designed for specific decor themes. For example, the Kirsch Buckingham Rope Endcap is perfect for a coastal cottage or island apartment. It features exquisite detail on all sides, and is available in a wide range of finish options.커튼봉설치

Other finials for curtain rods are simpler and more functional. For example, the Kirsch Designer Metals Square Endcap can add a contemporary touch to your windows. Its simple cap fits easily on the ends of your rods, and it comes in glossy shades of black, bronze, nickel, silver and gold. It also works well in rooms with smaller spaces where a larger finial would be out of place.

Metal Rods and Finials

The Kirsch wrought iron curtain rod collection brings Old World influences of beauty and luxury to your windows. This elegant drapery hardware features a 1” solid wrought iron rod with brackets, rings and decorative finials. The wrought iron offers a more sturdy, robust look than cast iron and is very versatile, long-lasting, resilient and easy to clean.

Black finials add a sophisticated touch to your window treatment and are available in a range of shapes and sizes. From sleek and modern to ornately traditional, these finials can match the style of any room.

Finial plugs and end caps are the finishing touches to your drapery hardware. These are small, functional items that screw into the ends of a rod to cover up the unfinished or hollow end. End caps are typically smaller and simpler than a finial, which makes them the ideal option for rooms that call for a more minimalistic look or for situations when a larger finial wouldn’t fit.

1 3/8 “ Rods and Finials

Once you’ve determined the color and style of curtain rods that work best for your room, consider the type of finials that compliment them. Finials are knobs or endcaps that hold curtain ends tightly and add to the aesthetic of your window treatments. They can be found in a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles to fit any home decor. Look for finials that match other hardware in your room, such as door knobs and switch covers, to create a cohesive style throughout your home.

If you have highly patterned drapes, select a rod that matches their color to draw attention to them. Or, choose a rod that’s the same shade as your wall for a more subtle look.

If you have a bay or bow window, opt for a traverse rod that opens in the center to send curtains to both sides of the window or to one side only. These types of rods are also available in double versions to dress a second layer of fabric.

2” Rods and Finials

If you’re looking for a contemporary curtain rod that will add a modern feel to your space, this option from Pottery Barn is an excellent choice. It includes a two-piece adjustable rod, mounting brackets, finials and installation hardware. Reviewers love the sleek, modern appearance and ease of installation. One drawback noted by some is that the bracket design prevents screwdriver access to the top screw, making it difficult to adjust the rod to its full advertised length.

When choosing a curtain rod, consider its weight capacity. This will determine whether it’s suitable for your window treatments. A rod that’s too light will not support a heavy drape and could potentially collapse under the weight. It’s also important to choose a rod that matches the style of your room and coordinates with your existing curtain or drapes. For instance, a metal rod with a chrome finish looks better with a modern décor than a wooden rod with a more traditional look. The diameter of a rod also influences its weight capacity, so make sure to check the label for this information.